New York Times: Make Classical Music More Diverse by Getting Rid of the Classical Part

Allah's Willing Executioners

I remember back when the New York Times had its own classical musical station. The Times was always toxic, but there was a time when there was more to it than viewing every damn thing through the lens of its political agenda. Which,at the moment, is race.

“With their major institutions founded on white European models and obstinately focused on the distant past, classical music and opera have been even slower than American society at large to confront racial inequity.”


A genre whose high points occurred centuries ago is, get this, “obstinately” focused on the distant past. Why can’t it just go Skillrex?

But we are dealing with progressives here. And being focused on the distant past, as opposed to the unreachable utopia at the end of the socialist rainbow, is a bad thing. A thoughtcrime. Wrongthink. And, considering the current racial lens on everything, racist.


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