Western culture has contracted mad cow disease

Allah's Willing Executioners

by Giulio Meotti

This is a novel Timothée de Fombelle had the idea to write thirty years ago. He was thirteen when his parents took him to Ghana. “We got there on the tracks and there, on the coast, we could see where the Dutch, the French and the British kept the slaves over two centuries ago before sending them to America or the Caribbean. The vegetation had invaded the place, but there were still the rings hanging on the wall and images that I will never forget … “.

Thus was born the idea of​​”Alma”, released in France by Gallimard. Hundreds of thousands of children around the world have read De Fombelle’s books. De Fombelle wrote some of the most beautiful works of French children’s literature.

The first volume of a three-volume saga, “Alma” tells the story of an African girl during the period of slavery and evokes her…

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