17 July 2020 – The mentally ill WHO DR. that is the “leading expert” regarding schooling children

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The FEMALE? with, literally, holes in her head is the person that the WHO (CHINA puppet) wants the US parents to listen to regarding what is mentally HEALTHY?

LOOK at THIS!!!! I would not get in to an ELEVATOR with this monster!!!

It has no history.  She has nothing to referance her yet somehow she is a WHO “expert.”

An expert created out of smoke.  This is a mental case and the WHO is blowing smoke.

WHO DRonSchoolingChildren

ATLANTA — Parents went thought a crash course in digital learning just two months ago.  Now we are all preparing for this next semester of “home schooling’ while juggling our lives.

And the kids, well they may actually want to return to traditional school this fall.

Channel 2′s Justin Farmer spoke to Dr. Laura Pacione, a leading expert with the World Health Organization about how we can make this digital schooling a success.


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