A Look in the Mirror


Sometimes – occasionally – every once in awhile – I look in the mirror. Aside from making sure the hair is combed/brushed to the best of my ability that day, I don’t really look in the mirror. Aside from my Cross necklace and earrings, I don’t wear jewelry, either. I have some lovely pieces but I don’t wear them.

I looked in the mirror today. I don’t really recognize the face. I look older than my brother who is eight years my senior. I look older than both my sisters (one older, one younger). I look older than Mom did at 65 – the last year of her life. My younger sister maintains that I’m wrinkled because, along with President Trump, smoking is the root of all evil. But I know the reason I’m wrinkled is because since I was five or so, I’ve rested my face on my hands…

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