American History And Slavery – 2


Did Christopher Columbus corrupt the Americas?

Much has been said about how Christopher Columbus corrupted the entire areas of North, Central and South America. A question should be considered, such as, “how could such a small contingent of Columbus’s guest explorers and travelers” be so successful as to ruin the lives of people, who lived as far south as the southern tip of South America, all of the way to the northern tip of Canada? Facts do not allow such a conclusion for the wicked prowess of these people who explored and settled in small coastal areas of Central and South America. Columbus never traveled to North America (USA and Canada). At the time of Columbus’s voyages, the Americas were inhabited by Indigenous Americans, descendants of Paleo-Indians who crossed Beringia from Asia to North America; such people were hardened survivors, who would not be easily manipulated by European explorers and colonists…

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