Germany: Rapper of Turkish origin admitted to hospital with gunshot wound

Allah's Willing Executioners

The police were called on Thursday afternoon around 4 pm: The hospital in Darmstadt reported a patient with a gunshot wound. A 34-year-old man had been taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries, the police department of Southern Hesse confirmed the incident. On Friday noon, the police also reported that there were indications that the injured man had inflicted the gunshot wound on himself. The officers still did not give any further details.

According to information of the broadcasting station Hessischer Rundfunk, the injured person is the Offenbach rapper Haftbefehl (in English language “arrest warrant”). Aykut Anhan, his civil name, accidentally shot himself in the lower leg after a stay in the Frankfurt train station district. The crime apparently took place under the influence of drugs and alcohol.According to a police spokeswoman in Darmstadt, the investigation is continuing. The patient behaved “extremely uncooperative”. During the evening hours, the…

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