Gun Control Humor

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I shared some gun control humor in December and then again in April, so it’s probably time to add to the collection.

We’ll start with a bit of cost-benefit analysis.

The serious point to be made, of course, is that bad people are less likely to engage in criminal behavior if the potential costs of such misbehavior are higher.

Speaking of which, this guy obviously doesn’t understand cost-benefit analysis.

Next we have an amusing exchange of text messages between an unhappy voter and a representative from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s reelection campaign.

Once again, there’s a serious point to be made, in this case about the importance of private gun ownership when local governments are too incompetent to protect life, liberty, and property.

Next we have an amusing depiction of why gun-free zones are absurd.

Though let’s not forget that there are real – indeed, deadly – consequences when…

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