Illegal migrant responsible for French bus driver’s cruel death

Allah's Willing Executioners

Four illegal immigrants were responsible for the savage assault and death of a French bus driver in Bayonne, in the south of France. Philippe Monguillot, 58 years old and father of three, had his head kicked in and deformed for simply having pointed out to the African migrants that they were violating the law.

The HLM office of the Basque Country Urban Community,Habitat Sud Atlantique, had launched a procedure in early December for one of the illegals to leave the premises in which he had been squatting.

Lausséni Sangaré, the managing director told news outletFrance Bleuthat “we have also learned that this individual was in an irregular situation on French territory”. He was described as a regular drug user and “aggressive”.

On LCI, Philippe Monguillot’s wife said she was concerned about the fact that thishorrendous killingtook place in her “small town in the Basque…

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