19 July 2020 – Shellbills. What are they? HOW TO SNEAK IN BILLS AND GETTING THEM PASSED THE EASY WAY

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Madigan in Chicago passes bills with one letter, to use at years end to pass ANYTHING – Pelosi: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”


“Then, look up Shellbills — you wanna look up something terrible look up Shellbills and that’ll tell you …. they’ll file 4 thousand bill with no …with one letter inside of the bill and at the end of the year when they want to cram a thousand bills in they’ll just take one of the shellbills, that have already passed in committee… they’ll fill it up with whatever in the document and then re appropriate it through the House to get voted on THAT DAY, instead of going through six months or two years of committees.  And thats Madigan…..”

The Chicago machine – an EXAMPLE of the corrupt.

But if ANYONE thinks that this is only…

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