ACAB rioters battle police in Frankfurt

Allah's Willing Executioners

During the night to Sunday, rioters fought street battles with the police on Frankfurt’s Opernplatz. The security forces were able to arrest 39 people who “predominantly have a migration background”.

Frankfurt police chief Gerhard Bereswill confirmed on Sunday afternoon that five officers were injured in the operation.

Initially, up to 3 000 people celebrated on the square in the center of the Main metropolis. At around 1 am the mood had turned and became aggressive. When the police arrived at about 3 am to pick up the victim of a brawl, the opponents of the conflict mobbed together and attacked the officers. Bottles were thrown from the crowd of around 500 people. The police finally cleared the place. Several police cars were damaged.

Bereswill was particularly dismayed that the onlookers cheered the bottle-throwing at the security forces and chanted “ACAB” [All Cops Are Bastards]. He described this as a negative…

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