Drop tests for blacks, say college coaches

Allah's Willing Executioners

By Peter Skurkiss

The cult ofcelebrityis a flaw in American society. It bespeaks of a lack of seriousness in what people see asimportant in life. And when Hollywood “stars,” singers, andathletes, many of whom are quite frankly undereducated airheads, are given prominent space in the public dialogue and taken seriously by many, you know something is amiss with society.

Focusing on sports, you cannot help but see that football and basketball have taken on a disproportionate importance in America. This is a sign of decadence in our society. Currently the National Football League and National Basketball Association are degrading themselves by bowing to the racial winds blowing from groups like Black Lives Matter. The impetus for this is clear. A large majority of players in both leagues are black and to keep internal peace, the players will have to be placated. Little else matters. It’s as simple as that.

This mindset…

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