Muslims and Leftists in Germany celebrate the arson to the cathedral in Nantes

Allah's Willing Executioners

Foto: Screenshot/Youtube

Following yesterday’s cathedral blaze in Nantes, there was a further source of vexation that has been seen in the commentary columns of social media platforms, especially Facebook, ever since the Charlie Hebdo murders: Muslim people, mostly of Arab origin, and their left-wing supporters in Central Europe are expressing their excitement and malicious joy on the net.Yesterday evening, even on the Facebook pages of the public broadcasters, the sympathisers of Islamisation bluntly celebrated their satisfaction – and expressed what they think of burning Christian places of worship, of the disintegration of the European “Leitkultur” (guiding culture) by means of laughing smileys or “Like” clicks:


In addition to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also popular “playgrounds” for this type of expression of opinion, which typically does not lead to the deletion and blocking of the users concerned by the social media teams of the public broadcaster ZDF (whereas masses…

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