20 July 2020- ASSANGE is a prisoner but MUELLER is free? And Manning pardoned? And that traitor Bergdahl… All free men

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World Learns Assange Fathered Two Children Inside Ecuadorian Embassy

Assange Leaks Publishes WikiLeaks Internal Communications


The leaktivist website Distributed Denial Of Secrets, has released new documents on WikiLeaks claiming to be in its founder Julian Assange’s defense. However, the founder of DDOS Emma Best’s personal past tweets paints a much different picture.

DDOS released a collection of files related to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange which have been nicknamed Assange Leaks.

The documents include chat logs between Assange and other associates and in its founder’s words, the files are “not meant to “expose” WikiLeaks, but the government’s flawed case by publishing the documents cited in the superseding indictment and ones providing direct context.”

“With the Justice Department’s superseding indictment against Assange, public access to the evidence becomes critical,” a statement on the AssangeLeaks’ website states. “The documents in this file illuminate that case and illustrate how WikiLeaks operates behind closed doors.”

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