20 July 2020 – Texas Rio Grande – using American TAX payer moneys to treat Mexican Nationals and others for the CHINAVIRUS ( covid19 , sarscov2 , Coronavirus )

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“Saturday, 85 medical personnel sent from the State of Texas is arriving at McAllen Medical for help due to overwhelmed hospitals.”

The people in the border towns like McAllen, TX or border areas in California, are paying taxes and the Hospitals there are catering to the rest of the world.  How is this fair to the people in those cities?

The way to handle this is to have the federal government set up hospitals that are for NON CITIZENS.  The citizens of the towns should not have their taxes funding the WORLD HEALTH.

By the way where is the WHO? It is in fact called the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, isn’t it?  So, WHERE is WHO?

World Health Organization: Its History, Its Mission, Its Role In ...

AND since they are no where to be found, then WHY do they exist?

HOW and WHAT do they do?  Really?  effectively – they get money to bloviate and literally DOnothing

WHO –…

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