Germany: Because a 14-year-old girl did not let herself be pestered by an Iranian, he kicked and spat on her

Allah's Willing Executioners

A girl (14 years old) was kicked and spat on by a man on Sunday evening ( July 19) at 9.30 pm on the street Friedrich-Ebert-Straße in Düsseldorf. Based on the description of the man, the previously unknown perpetrator could be identified by federal police officers at Düsseldorf main station following a theft. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the 18-year-old.

The 14-year-old German and her girlfriend (16 years old) were addressed by the 18-year-old Iranian. When they told him that they did not want to deal with him, he kicked the 14-year-old in the buttocks, spat on her leg and left the scene of the crime.

In order to file a criminal complaint against the stranger, the two young women went to the Federal Police station at Düsseldorf Central Station. They described the suspect in detail so that he could be identified at 11:40 pm at the Düsseldorf main station…

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