Germany: Infamous asylum seeker ‘King Abode’ remains free despite 7 convictions

Allah's Willing Executioners

“King Abode” giving the middle finger in a video posted to Youtube.

The 22-year-old migrant “King Abode”, whose real name is Mohamed T., was supposed to be deported back to Libya, but now the district court of Dresden lifted an eight-month prison sentence against the permanent asylum seeker on Wednesday and referred the 2018 case back to juvenile court.

“King Abode” received an eight-month suspended sentence in 2018 for insulting, threatening, and biting a train passenger in the arm. His self-proclaimed name translates to “King Stay” in English, and is meant to highlight Germany’s inability to remove him from the country.

The reason the Dresden court dropped the case and referred it to juvenile court is that it claims “King Abode” should not have been sentenced as a an adult, a spokesman for the regional courtconfirmed a report of the Bild newspaperon Thursday.

When he first entered Germany…

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