Germany: Turkish espionage under the roof of religion?

Allah's Willing Executioners

The “Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs” (Ditib) with its more than 900 funded mosques in Germany is regarded as a powerful instrument of influence of the Turkish state.

The German government has just confirmed in an answer to an inquiry by the partyDie Linkethat Ditib also cooperates with the extremely Turkish-centricGrey Wolvesin Germany. Is there also evidence of increased Turkish intelligence activities under the Ditib umbrella?

The German Federal Government’s reply states that there is cooperation between the Turkish far-right extremists and the Islamic umbrella organisation, the “Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion” (Ditib), which has been active in Germany and is supervised by the Turkish state authority, the “Office for Religious Affairs” (DIYANET).

The Federal Government further confirmed in its reply that there are regular meetings between the Turkish secret service MIT [Turkish National Intelligence Organisation] and the Grey Wolves in Germany. It is…

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