Radical Islam must be stopped or it will take control of France, warns French parliamentary report

Allah's Willing Executioners

All of France, with the exception of the Western part of the country, is affected by radical Islam, warns a commission of French politicians in a report about the spread of radical Islam and the effects of Islam on how society functions.

“Radical Islamism is multi-faceted and influences all aspects of social life to the point where it asserts itself at the expense of individual freedom,” said Republican Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio.

“We must react now or never,” the senator said. If the French state does nothing, she estimates that in a few years, districts and entire territories will break out of the French Republic and radical Islamism will take control of them, according to the report.

“Recently, the most significant symptoms [of advancing Islamism] are candidate lists for municipal elections, which, by the way, is very difficult to detect. The infiltration is real. We know about more and more cases…

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