Swedish Writer Admits Media Purposely Labelled Those Against Mass Migration As Fascists

Allah's Willing Executioners

Swedish writerÅsa Linderborg, who served as the cultural editor for newspaperAftonbladet, has admitted the paper would label those against mass migration as fascists to stifle debate.

Linderborg, who is now a senior reporter at the same newspaper, served as the cultural editor from 2009 to 2019 and acknowledged that the newspaper contributed to creating a small window of acceptable opinions in which anyone who disagreed with leftist-liberal ideology would be branded a fascist.

“Everyone who did not want open borders or wanted to talk about integration was branded as fascists,” she said in a recent interview, Nyheter Idagreports.

She went on to talk about a book she had written on populism and the many issues raised by populist parties that the mainstream left has refused to touch.

“The difficult thing for the cultural left is to find progressive answers to the questions that the right-wing populists…

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