73% of ‘underaged’ asylum seekers in Belgium are actually adults: study

Allah's Willing Executioners

Three out of four self-labeled underage asylum seekers examined in Belgium are actually adults, according to the data requested by the Flemish MP Tom Van Grieken from Minister of Justice Koen Geens.

Van Grieken believes that there is no place for such fraudsters in the country.

“Asylum seekers guilty of age fraud should be denied the right to asylum,” said Van Grieken, pointing out that not punishing such a fraud only encourages others to take their chances with the same deception, according toBelgian newspaper portal Sceptr.

In recent years, more and more unaccompanied children from Africa or the Middle East are sent to Europe by their families. The reason for this is obvious as unaccompanied minor migrants hold a particular status in Europe. They cannot be deported and, above all, they are not subject to the Dublin Regulation, meaning they can choose in which country they want to…

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