Germany: Special police forces arrest members of a Turkish-Arab clan – Among other things, they allegedly kidnapped a car dealer

Allah's Willing Executioners

Early in the morning, special police forces arrested four men. They are accused of kidnapping and blackmailing a car dealer, among other things.

In a raid against clan crime, several apartments and companies in North Rhine-Westphalia were searched early Thursday morning. The objects in question are in Wuppertal, Solingen, Essen, Bielefeld and Dusseldorf, according to the State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA) and the Dusseldorf public prosecutor’s office.Four men aged between 24 and 57 years were arrested by special police units, it was said. It could not be ruled out that the men had firearms. According to a spokesman for the State Office of Criminal Investigation, sniffer dogs were also used. They were to search for data media and drugs, among other things.The men arrested were said to have had warrants for their arrest on suspicion of kidnapping, grievous bodily harm and fraud.The accused allegedly belong to a family clan…

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