Germany: Turkish-born writer Zaimoglu welcomes conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque

Allah's Willing Executioners

Feridun Zaimoglu – a devout Muslim, an author with Turkish roots and with a German passpor – welcomes the conversion of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul from a museum to a mosque.A Turkish historian is already demanding the removal of Christian mosaics, as Muslims should not have to pray under the image of a “whore”.”I welcome when a god is worshipped again in a house of worship,” Zaimoglu said in an interview with his employer, the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, where he writes about literary criticism and essays. “After all, the Hagia Sophia was not built as a depository and showroom of cult objects,” says the Turkish-born writer.Zaimoglu showed understanding for the decision of the Islamic despot Erdogan to transform the once most important church of the Christian Occident into a mosque, as well as for the fact that people – in the concrete case he might have meant here…

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