Your Taxes Are Going Up!

The Lone Cactus

What? Did you think that just because the federal government sent you at $1,200 per person check, it was free? Did you think that all of that COVID-19 testing was done by the grace and mercy of the testing companies and laboratories? And what about that extra $600 a week you may have received because the job you had either laid you off, furloughed you, or got rid of you altogether? Where do you think that money came from?

It came from us!

The government, while it CAN print money, it doesn’t actually MAKE money. It spends the money you and I send it in taxes. Our debt (the amount of money they’ve spent that we haven’t sent them) is already in the $26 TRILLION range, and going up! The estimated cost so far of Coronavirus is about $3 TRILLION, or about three times what Obama’s boondoggle “economic stimulus” cost…

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