Germany: Because an Egyptian in a fast food restaurant did not get the free food he asked for, he insulted, threatened and spat at the employee

Allah's Willing Executioners

Last Wednesday, a 36-year-old man repeatedly insulted, threatened and spat at an employee of a fast-food restaurant in the Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe train station.

What had happened?

Around 11 am the man entered the branch and demanded free food and drink. Since the employee did not comply with this demand, he was repeatedly insulted and threatened by the 36-year-old from Egypt. The homeless man was in a wheelchair and remained obtrusive. The whole culminated in an attempt to spit on the employee. Fortunately, this could be prevented by an installed protective screen.The 36-year-old was only calmed down when a patrol of the Kassel Federal Police arrived. The identity check showed that the man suffers from several contagious diseases. The homeless man is now facing criminal proceedings for insulting, threatening and attempted dangerous bodily harm. After the police measures, the man was released.

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