Storm Warnings For The USA From The Lord God, Almighty, Elohim:

The Mad Jewess

Storm Warnings For The USA From The Lord God, Almighty, Elohim:

Many prophetic people have dreamed and have shared with this nation that potential tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and huge storms are going to hit America for its turning on God.  God is a GOOD God.  He could have wiped us out long ago without ANY warning.  Yet, here HE is in the storms & lightening, saying: LOOK AMERICA!! LOOK!! I WILL PERFORM THE WORDS I HAVE SPOKEN.

  • The other night, Alaska had a 7.8 Earthquake.  The potential Tsunami was ‘called off’  Click to see.

  • About 24 hours later, a lone Twitter’er took a shot of the Statue of Liberty being illuminated by lightening:

  • Now, it is reported that 3 storms are surrounding the United States:  CLICK to see

Repent individually…

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