24 July 2020 – Kids and Covid – (Coronavirus – China Virus – SarsCov2) may develop PIMS (pediatric inflammatory multisystemic syndrome) – update added – enzyme found

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First COVID-19, then Kawasaki-like Disease in Children

July 24, 2020

Children with COVID-19 can develop pediatric, inflammatory multisystemic syndrome, or PIMS, which can lead to symptoms similar to that of a painful vasculitis condition called Kawasaki disease. Today we talk with Jagadeesh Bayry, Ph.D., and Caroline Galeotti, M.D., of the University of Paris who recently described in Nature Reviews Rheumatology related pediatric cases they saw in their clinic.


In this week’s news roundup from Rheumatology Network, we begin by highlighting two reports on osteoporosis.

In one, doctors reporting in JAMA say that osteoporosis screening may be necessary for younger postmenopausal womenWe published a Q&A with Dr. Carolyn Crandall of UCLA who discusses the need to conduct osteoporosis screening in this population.

And, we featured a discussion with Dr. Suzanne Jan de Beur of Johns Hopkins University who explains that managing vitamin…

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