26 July 2020 – Riots are the result of a KILLING of a man that was HIGH on drugs -Floyd medical report finds pot, meth, and four times the amount of Fentanyl to kill a person

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This was not an innocent man.  His image is being likened to a Black Jesus when he was far from such.

Minneapolis To Install Permanent Monument To George Floyd. Surely This Is A Joke? He Was A Career Criminal!

Minneapolis To Install Permanent Monument To George Floyd
The city of Minneapolis is set to erect a permanent memorial to George Floyd at the corner of 38th street and Chicago Avenue where he was killed.
1:23 PM · Jul 26, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Report: Full autopsy of Mr. Floyd: 4x amount of fentanyl needed to kill, also meth and pot

Investigative reporter Paul Sperry reports that the full George Floyd autopsy reveals that his blood concentration level of the powerful street opioid fentanyl was four times the level known…

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