The German lawyer Ralf Höcker proposes: “I advise to sue against the call of the muezzin”

Allah's Willing Executioners

Interview of the magazine TICHYS EINBLICK with the lawyer Ralf Höcker:

Question: More and more communities in Germany are allowing the call of the muezzin. In Herford, for example, a 37-year-old responds by making counter-noise with a pot and spoon. What are the chances of defending oneself in court against the call to prayer?

Ralf Höcker: The call to prayer has a direct impact on several basic rights. It is therefore in need of justification. And I have my doubts that such a justification can succeed especially in residential areas.

Q: Which basic rights do you mean exactly?

R.H.: Article 4 of the Basic Law protects not only the religious freedom of Muslims but also the negative religious freedom of non-Muslims. In principle, no one must tolerate being compulsorily harassed with…

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