Cancel Culture Alert: Target These Racist Organizations

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Mark Alexander


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Amid all the woke “cancel culture” desecration and destruction of our nation’s history, it’s apparent that our “higher educational institutions” have succeeded in dumbing down most of the Millennial generation of privileged white leftists. The latest targets of these oh-so-woke BLM “Burn, Loot, Murder” cadres of black supremacists and their white frontline agitators are organizations with any remote connection to long-past racist or racial insensitivity.

Demonstrating their monumental ignorance, they’ve gone after iconic brands like the NFL’s Redskins, the Broadway hit “Hamilton,” those universities founded by racists, and so much more. Dennis Prager adds: “Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, Ulysses Grant, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, ‘whitening’ agents, meritocracy, Western culture and Christianity.”

In order to avoid resistance to their agenda, these fascist leftists would especially like to cancel cops.

But in their effort…

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