Eating Their Young (or old)

The Lone Cactus

There’s one thing I know for sure about liberalism. It always moves farther and farther to the left until it implodes. It’s like a huge dying star that collapses down on itself. It’s as if the laws of nature have decided that this particular way of thinking is so bad, it cannot continue to exist, and so it consumes itself.

Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland, Oregon found that out the hard way Wednesday night.

You know Wheeler as the guy that has been lambasting Donald Trump for sending federal agencies into the Rose City to protect the federal buildings there. They’ve been having riots there every night for the past two months, and Wheeler has done little if anything to stop it. So, fearing that the federal buildings would be torn down or burned, Trump had his federal agents disperse crowds around buildings like the federal courthouse. Wheeler took…

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