Italy: Salvini accuses left-wing government of importing coronavirus after over 700 migrants escape quarantine

Allah's Willing Executioners

Over 700 migrants have escaped migrant detention facilities in Italy, leading Italian opposition leader Matteo Salvinisaidon his Facebook page that the government is aiding the import of the coronavirus pandemic into the country with its policies.

Approximately 520 migrants fled the migration center in the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle over the weekend. According to ANSA, the center has capacity for only 100 migrants and 520 migrants were inside, leading to overcrowding. Almost all 520 broke out of a temporary quarantine set up inside the camp, according

In addition, police also announced on Monday that in a separate incident that 200 more migrants had fled another center in Caltanisseta, Sicily in violation of. two-week quarantine over the weekend. Most of them have already been detained, and according to local media, they will once again be quarantined.

Caltanisetta Mayor Roberto Gambino said that while preliminary medical…

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