A gang of about 30 Azerbaijani attack an Armenian bar in Cologne, Germany

Allah's Willing Executioners

The newspaper Kölner Express has also reported on the attack against the Invenus Shisha Bar of the family Karapetyan in the Cologne district of Mülheim. According to the owner Zareh Karapetyan, after midnight, about 30 people split into two groups from different directions had rushed to his bar at a fast pace while he was standing in front of the door. “Hey are you Armenian”, the leader is said to have shouted, who had revealed himself and his gang as Azerbaijani. The attackers had all covered their nose and mouth with a black cloth.With the assistance of some guests Zareh was able to prevent them from entering the bar, but the Azerbaijanis smashed the windows with the outdoor chairs of the bar and ran away. Shortly after that the Criminal Investigation Department is said to have appeared.The following detail is also interesting: Zareh had already noticed in the days before…

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