Germany’s integration policy has failed, warns Rheinsberg mayor after 80 Chechens detained following massive brawl with Germans and Poles

Allah's Willing Executioners

After a mass brawl involving Chechens, Poles and Germans in the German city of Rheinsberg, both the city’s mayor and the state interior minister declared that the district’s integration policy relating to Chechen refugees has failed.

On Thursday evening last week, a group of Germans and Poles became involved in a violent fight with several Chechens. According to a report by the Tagesspiegel, the fight broke out when a Chechen attacked a boat rental employee in Rheinsberg.

Police stated that seven people were injured and several cars were damaged. Eight people, five Germans, and three Poles have been provisionally arrested,Junge Freiheit reported.

In the north of Brandenburg, the local Chechen community have repeatedly attracted attention due to clan structures and crime.

“Revenge actions and vigilante justice are not common in Germany and must not be,” warned Rheinsberg Mayor Frank Schwochowin a post on Facebook.

The following day, about…

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