After the gang rape in Freiburg, Germany: Did one of the Muslim perpetrators kick a pregnant woman in the stomach ?

Allah's Willing Executioners

He was one of the eleven defendants on trial for gang rape in Freiburg (Tweet above). Because no participation in the crime could be proven against him, the arrest warrant against Ayham Al R. (22 years old) was suspended.

Sentence: Six months probation for failure to provide assistance.

Now the man is back in custody. Accusation: He allegedly kicked a pregnant woman. Ralf Langenbach, spokesman for the Public Prosecutor’s Office: “On 10th of July, a scuffle with a pregnant woman took place on the pedestrian bridge at Freiburg’s main train station around 1:30 pm. Mr R. allegedly kicked the victim in the stomach.The public prosecutor’s office is investigating for deliberate bodily injury and attempted abortion. If…

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