Germany: After the brutal attack by Syrians on a train passenger at Waghäusel station, citizens plan a protest march supporting the mass deportation of criminal asylum seekers

Allah's Willing Executioners

“Mass deportations now” is the motto of the rally on Monday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Waghäusel, announced by Stefan Räpple, member of the state parliament.There will be a protest march from Waghäusel station to the town hall. Räpple calls for the strict deportation of criminal immigrants and asylum seekers who have committed criminal offences, based on clear legal regulations for this purpose, in order to better protect the population in the future.In Waghäusel on Tuesday a 54-year-old man was randomly and without reason attacked and pushed onto the track bed. According to police, the man was prevented from getting back onto the platform after being pushed onto the track bed by his…

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