Fret Not

By the Blood of the Lamb

This morning I watched a video of the “renowned philanthropist” Bill Gates discussing his expertise in virology and pandemic preparedness (NOT!). As I watched, I was momentarily overcome with anger and disgust at the mere sight of his face. I thought to myself, “how in the world did this soft, pathetic, excuse for a man get to be the expert on such topics as vaccines and global pandemic prevention?” I mean, who does this guy think he is, speaking on behalf of all of humanity? He not only offends me with his presumptuous behavior and elitist attitude, but his voice and appearance gives me that feeling I get when I see a snake. The very site of a snake repulses me to my core and makes me feel like destroying it, as I regularly do during the warm months when I encounter a deadly rattlesnake on my property.

It was…

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