Are Our Lives In The USA Going To Become “Unrecognizable?”

The Mad Jewess

Are Our Lives In  The USA Going To Become “Unrecognizable?”

Believe me.. I hate that I am in a place in this life where I feel the urgent need to tell people we are under serious judgment from God.

America Is Under A Very Strong Judgment - REPENT! - YouTube ...I have said a couple of things over the years and I was not correct. Many times, I was correct.  I was only correct because God is always correct and HE inserts things into my heart…  People who believe in God see through a glass…darkly.  Because we are limited on account of being human, we never ‘see’ the whole situation ahead.  

Some of us, though…can sense when things are not going correct.  Like a disturbance has surfaced to the earth.  Personally, I sense in my spirit that things are going to get horrible in this nation.  I don’t sense this because I am a logical person.  I sense it because…

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