4 Aug 2020 – The China virus (covid_19, covid-19, coronavirus, sars-cov2,or just covid) was a dry run for universal basic income

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Think about it.  They shut the entire economy down and sent checks for “basic income.”

The business’ that may remain are the big box and international chains

But the local?  The small shop? Who was able to maintain?  They want to USE this in the future for PROOF that we CAN provide the universal income.  They WANT to eliminate YOU.  They want to prove that YOU are non-essential.  They are wrong.  But they are too righteous to see that.  The business is under attack, but what of the law enforcement?  They don’t want cops that are dutiful to the Constitution.  NO. They want to get rid of THAT law enforcement, but they will tell you that they got rid of the BAD “justice system” in favor of the EQUAL justice system.  The EQUAL justice system is a LIE.  Why should you be equal to someone who’s NOT pulling their weight?…

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