Things Biden’s Delay On VP Tells Us

The Lone Cactus

There are a few things that Joe Biden’s announcement that he’s delaying his choice for his VP running mate tells us. And, since most pundits believe that this is the most important decision he has to make leading up to the election, it carries a lot of weight that he decided to postpone the decision.

Joe Biden Is Indecisive. When you look at a true leader, you see someone who isn’t afraid to make a decision. They analyze the data they have, and they go with whatever they feel is best. True leaders are able to make difficult decisions relatively quickly. And once they make them, they stick with them.

With Joe Biden not ready to make his decision, a decision, by the way, he said he’d originally been making back in May, it shows us that he’s rather indecisive. This could be for several reasons, and not all of…

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