5 Aug 2020 – St. Louis Democrats vote to end Self Defense !!! Prosecutor who charged couple for brandishing weapons in defense of their lives WINS Democrat Primary

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BLM is an internationally funded organization, as well as ANTIFA.  In fact they have the same benefactors.

Democrats in St. Louis are a dangerous lot.  I know that I won’t be visiting any time soon.

Is this voter fraud?  I can’t see why people would VOTE for this.  They don’t want you to have guns.  But they want to END POLICE?  Anarchy.  OR WAR?  Because this movement IS internationally funded.  So, these are not DOMESTIC terrorists.  They are just plain TERRORISTS!

St. Louis prosecutor who charged couple for displaying weapons wins Democratic primary

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner defeated Mary Pat Carl in the Democratic primary by a 61-39 margin

The polarizing St. Louis prosecutor who charged a couple for flashing guns at a…

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