White Supremacy Is A Myth

The Lone Cactus

To listen to the uber-leftist snowflakes rant and scream about how anyone that doesn’t agree with their Antifa and Black Lives Matter views on race relations in this country, one has to believe that whites are in control of everything. We pick that rabbit out of the hat. We are able to decide what the economy is going to do, where people are going to work, how they are going to live their lives, what wars will be fought, and won or lost. To them, it’s simply a zero-sum game. Somebody wins (the white supremacists), and somebody loses (the people of color).

Unfortunately, none of that is true.

That’s one of the biggest fallacies in the liberal argument. The truth is an entirely different matter. For instance, just because you are white as far as skin color goes, doesn’t mean you are “supremacist”. There are a lot of nationalities that…

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