Random Observations


The routine is, get up in the morning, go potty, head to the computer room, turn the computer on, and check emails. I am a faithful emailer/responder – nothing sits in my email as I check it every few minutes and respond to whatever isn’t a Republican choke-hold for money; anyway, I check that first. Then I go to the UK web site so beloved by myself and others that write and or comment here. Then I check the headlines on the news feeds which I immediately discount as lies but at least I’ve done my patriotic duty to be aware of the headlines. Then off to FaceBook to see what’s new in my widespread family. Finally, I go to YouTube.

I must have been nostalgic this morning; I watched baby and dad videos. As sweet and cute and fresh and new as these little people are, they caught my…

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2 Responses to Random Observations

  1. audremyers says:

    Hello, Boudica! I finally figured out how to use WordPress so I was able to find your site.

    Thank you for enjoying my articles; I’m quite humbled that you think enough of them to post them here.

    Where on your site will I find your writings? I’m old, lol, and sometimes need direction on new sites.

    Again, thank you for your kindess.

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