Why Doesn’t The US Press Just SHUT UP About Russia!

The Mad Jewess

Why Doesn’t The US Press Just SHUT UP About Russia 

keep-calm-and-love-russia-310 – My BlogI’m so sick and tired of the never-ending ‘blame Russia’ for everything US press.  The NY Slimes recently posted this insane drivel:  Bla bla bla, “Russian propaganda, bla bla bla

I love Russia and I love Russian people and I’m NOT ashamed of this.  I’m pro-Russia and I’m not afraid of the US Govt.

NY Slimes said this about Global CA, an anti war website:

Most of the report focuses on an ecosystem of websites, many of them fringe or conspiracy minded, that Russia has used or directed to spread propaganda on a variety of topics. Those include an online journal called the Strategic Culture Foundation and other sites, like the Canada-based Global Research. The document builds on information disclosed last week by American officials about Russian intelligence’s control of various propaganda sites.

Then, they claim about…

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