Germany: Arab-looking man attacks passengers on the train with a knife

Allah's Willing Executioners

The Federal Police Department in Frankfurt on the Main is searching for a still unknown perpetrator who attacked two travellers with a knife last Saturday evening, around 11.20 pm, in a regional express train shortly before Friedberg station.According to investigations by the federal police so far, the 27- and 38-year-old men from Gießen and the perpetrator had an argument in the train, which was initially carried out verbally. The dispute escalated when the unknown man suddenly pulled out a knife and attacked the two of them. The older of the two victims was seriously injured by stitches in the groin area and on his arms and had to be taken to a clinic by ambulance. Fortunately, the 27-year-old was only slightly injured and could be released after being treated in a hospital.The perpetrator had fled from the train at Friedberg station, across the tracks towards the downtown area. Despite an…

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