Germany: Police officers massively harassed and attacked by an extended Turkish family during deployment due to a traffic violation

Allah's Willing Executioners

A minor traffic obstruction on Oberhausener Street in Mülheim on the river Ruhr last Saturday evening at around 7:30 p.m. caused a major police operation after several members of a Turkish family showed solidarity, harassed and attacked the police officers. This was preceded by a traffic obstruction caused by a vehicle parked in front of a courtyard entrance. Residents could not get past the vehicle and to their garages.

While a towing company was loading the car to move it on the road, suddenly two young men (22/16 years old) appeared and approached the officials with the words “Hey, what are you doing with the car? They stepped closer and closer to the police officers. They did not comply with the request to keep their distance. They did not comply with the order to stay away either, despite the threat to enforce it if necessary by use of force.


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