Muslims kick an Austrian to death – “5 years imprisonment for this is ridiculous” says the widow

Allah's Willing Executioners

All Saints’ Day 2018: Together with her husband, Mrs. S. walks along the street Sonnleithnergasse in Vienna’s Favoriten district. In front of a mosque there is a group of young people. As if from nowhere, says Mrs. S., a then 18-year-old kicked her husband in the stomach. The 67-year-old pensioner fell with his head on the edge of the pavement so unhappily that after several weeks in a coma he finally died of his injuries. Now his widow and daughter talk about the attack – the day when the husband and family man disappeared from their lives forever. Both have left their former home district of Favoriten forever. All that remains are family albums, memories, cemetery visits and much pain.It took a long time for Mrs. S. and her daughter to get over the worst time of their lives.Since the attack, both are in psychological care, slowly learning to enjoy…

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