10 Aug 2020 -A shooter down outside the WHITE HOUSE – trial run? Adbusters had posted a September 17 2020 “The White House Siege”

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These people are terrorists and have declared war.  They are INTERNATIONALLY coordinated


Trump Pulled From Briefing After Secret Service Involved Shooting Outside White House


President Donald Trump was whisked out of his news conference by a Secret Service Agent Monday afternoon.

The Agent whispered something in the President’s ear, and immediately removed the president as he was addressing the media.

Trump later returned to the room and told reporters that the Secret Service shot someone outside of the White House.

“Someone was shot by law enforcement.” “I would like to thank the Secret Service.”

Circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately known. The condition of the suspect wasn’t clear.

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from – https://breaking911.com/breaking-president-trump-pulled-from-briefing-shots-fired-white-house-on-lockdown/

They are internationally coordinated and funded by the same groups / people

They are ALL OVER THE WORLD – but the ideology is Communist – NWO – New World Order programs collaborated and negotiated by…

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