Italy: Fed up with PM Conte’s policy, Sicily takes immigration control in its own hands

Allah's Willing Executioners

Sicily’s governor Nello Musumeci has had enough of the lax handling of the migrant crisis by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s left-wing government and has taken matters into his own hands by issuing an ordinance tightening immigration rules on the island, conservative Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlapreports.

The ordinance introduces stricter rules both for allowing migrant boats into Sicilian ports and the conditions under which migrants are allowed to remain on the island. Due to the rising number of new coronavirus cases, the ordinance also introduces stricter public health measures for the local population.

“The tent cities designated by the government as migrant centers are inadequate to place them into quarantine. The conditions at the camps neither allow for stopping the spread of the virus, nor do they prevent the escape of migrants,” Musumeci told Italian press.

The ordinance makes health controls compulsory for every newly arrived migrant, with hefty…

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