11 Aug 2020 – Election interfering by Twitter, Facebook, Paypal, and now Comcast – updated to include the Executive Order that will be used to seize all functions and assets of these ENTITIES

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This is election interfering by INSTITUTIONS

These are utilities.  Define phone company.  Define water utility.  Define rail road.  They are the ROBBER BARONS of old.  They are using the IDENTITY of PRIVATE COMPANY as a shield.  Why should they be shielded?  Even the President was silenced on TWITTER.  What is the alternative to TWITTER?  NOTHING!!! One might say, well there are other platforms.  But there aren’t.  Parler?  Gab?  What government agencies are using these others?

There is no such thing as a “utility” anymore.  They are all PRIVATE.  But are they even “private?”

The problem is that they ARE utilities.  Taken as a whole they are not just American utilities.  They are in a separate category.  Why?  Because they have literally NO allegiance to any country.  They sit on boards of many other countries.  THEY are the lobbyists.  Can I start a company and compete?  No.  I am not able…

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