This Factor Decides Who Wins Presidential Elections!

The Lone Cactus

I’m amazed at all of the different things people try to use to decide who is going to win the presidency every four years. There’s one that says if the stock market is up or down, it favors one party or the other. One looks at whether the AFC or NFC wins the Super Bowl. Another one deals with chipmunks or some other animal that has correctly picked the last five presidential elections.

And then there’s mine. It never fails.

You can go back to 1960, which is 60 years and 15 elections, and this method has hit it almost every single time. It’s been wrong only once. And it’s because of that, I’m going to predict the presidential winner for you today.

It’s called “The Coolness Factor”.

Let me explain. The candidate that can be viewed as “the coolest” guy (or gal in Hillary’s case) that is running is…

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